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In the media

Governance magazine feature on shareholder 'activism'

August 2019

Gerry delves into shareholder activism to see what it's all about.

Financial Times feature article

March 2015

The very well known and respected business journalist Stefan Stern wrote a very favourable review of The Independent Director.



Gerry featured in Book Ends review for Business and Management magazine

March 2019

In the March edition of the ICAEW's Business and Management magazine Gerry reviewed the recent publication The Ethical Leader by Morgen Witzel. Witzel's book shares similar topics as The Independent Director, and Gerry further endorsed his writing by stating "It reinforces what I do and need to do as chair of a private equity fund..." 



What happened to Elon Musk?

March 2019

Business Leader magazine's feature on Tesla analysed the corporate governance of the headline-grabbing organisation and its unconventional leader Elon Musk. Gerry adds additional commentary on aspects of Musk's character and the management of other well-known companies which have also made the news in recent months.

Investor activism and its influence on corporate governance

July 2019

Gerry writes once more for the Credit Control Journal and Asset & Risk Review delving into investor activism and shareholder democracy.

Facebook's light approach to corporate governance

May 2018

In May's The London School of Economics blog, Gerry writes about Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg, and the vulnerability of Facebook's present approach to corporate governance.

An in depth look at the public's fascination with highly paid executives

February 2019

In the February's ICAEW magazine Business & Management featured an article on executive pay, discussing why we seem so bothered when industry leaders are highly paid. Gerry's valued opinion as an independent director covered the impact of company boards in this area.

Cognitive dissonance is impacting civil servant pay

August 2018

An independent resource for HR Directors, The HR Director once again adopts Gerry's article for August looks at the civil service pay remuneration and the issues which led to civil service unions seeking a judicial review on the failure of the government to consult on pay.

Book review by Credit Control Journal and Asset & Risk Review

December 2018

Another favourable book review from Credit Control Journal and Asset & Risk Review, who concluded that it was a must read for anyone in the corporate world.

Mike Ashley could be right?

September 2018

Gerry's in September's HR Director journal with his opinion on the recent resignation of Sports Direct chairman Keith Hellawell and subsequent complaint by chief executive Mike Ashley about the disproportionate supervision of Sports Direct's corporate governance. Gerry looks at why this might be and goes as far to suggest proposals to improve this area.

Another company falls short in governance and leadership

December 2018

Credit Control Journal and Asset & Risk Review is one of the world's leading research journals dedicated to the advancement of asset risk management, credit analysis and corporate risk. Gerry features twice in December's edition, covering one company's recent exposure of their governance practices and a review for his book The Independent Director.

A Fiscal Wonga

November 2018

With the spotlight on executive rewards and governance, Gerry looks further into the supervision of executive rewards, and the need to find alternative ways to regulate practices in corporate governance.

Brexit logistics

December 2018

The HR Director December issue features Gerry's take on how Brexit will impact the logistics industry in terms of supply chains and also human resource management. How will companies navigate the increase in bureaucracy? What will happen with the labour force with restricted migration? Gerry examines these questions and more in another analysis article for The HR Director.

Special mention for The Independent Director in the The HR Director's book review

August 2018

The HR Director journal gives the lowdown on The Independent Director for their book review section.

In its handling of the Sorrell departure, WPP provides first global advertising sector buy-one-get-one-free corporate governance bungle-cum-mini-scandal provider

June 2018

The recent corporate scandal surrounding WPP ended with the sudden departure of its founder and longterm leader, Sir Martin Sorrell. In the London School of Economics Business Review Blog, Gerry takes a deeper look at the company and the issues surrounding its leadership and governance.

Giving Matter

November 2018

The Kakabadse Report released in March 2018 was the largest study into the governance of the civil service, looking at the relationship between ministers and officials. The author of that report, Andrew Kakabadse, spoke in depth to the University of Reading's Giving Matters alumni magazine about the support from Gerry and the importance of the project.

Click on the 'read more' button below to read the full article.

Diversity and inclusion in the civil service

August 2018

An online resource for business leaders and professionals, DiversityQ picked up Gerry's article on the recent inquiry into civil service pay and the Kakabadse report into recruitment, retention and remuneration for the public sector.

The Financial Reporting Council on the proposed changes to the corporate governance code

December 2017

AccountingWEB.co.uk is the largest independent online community for accounting and finance professionals in the UK regularly featuring industry expert comments and analysis on topical news items.

25 years have passed since the launch of the corporate governance code, and Gerry questions the code's suitability for modern business, further advising on how to create value.

Be careful what you wish for if it is truly open debate in the boardroom

November 2017

Patrick Hosking, Financial Editor of The Times, writes of the importance of having robust deliberation in the boardroom. He cites examples such as Archie Norman, chairman at Marks & Spencer and Richard Cousins, formerly of Compass Group to describe scenarios and outcomes where rigorous debate is encouraged even to the point when board member might resign if the board can't reach an agreement.


Hosking ends his commentary referring to a serious point made in Gerry's book The Independent Director, describing two disastrous types of of board and pointing out that sometimes too much debate can whip up further conflicts.

Gerry examines corporate governance in the UK's highest office

July 2018

Following the publication of the Kakabadse Report into the effectiveness of the Civil Service, Gerry touches on the key findings and compares to corporate governance in the private sector.

KFC and the Supply Chain Fail

March 2018

Gerry was interviewed by the Foodservice Consultants Society International (FCSI) about the recent logistics disaster which hit the headlines in February 2018. Kentucky Fried Chicken (KFC) had changed to DHL as their new food service supplier, however they found themselves with an epic fail when the majority of branches of the UK's fast food favourites couldn't open as they'd run out of chicken.

In this article Gerry identifies the mistakes and the lessons learned from this experience, concluding with a summary of the fallout and the reaction from the media.

The Irish Times: Risk, ethics and whistleblowing in business

July 2015

In this article on The Independent Director,  the focus is on how corporate governance has improved in recent years.


Walking the tightrope of executive pay

April 2017

Remuneration, specifically for high-earning executives, continues to hit the headlines with guidelines and regulatory reforms to make executive pay simpler and fairer.

Gerry participated in a recent workshop with Critical Eye, exploring the role and challenges of the remuneration committee (RemCo) including the impact of the recent Green Paper from BEIS (Department for Business, Energy & Industrial Strategy). 

Alongside other senior executives and experienced board members at Critical Eye, the session gave a thorough insight into the present issues surrounding executive pay.

Gerry's life in books

April 2017

economia is a member publication for ICAEW chartered accountants covering the essential issues, news and analysis relevant to those in business, finance and accountancy.

April's edition features Gerry in the book review section 'Between the lines' where he shared his life in books noting classics such as Don Quixote and A Christmas Carol. Click on the read more button to see the full interview.

A change of focus

June 2017

Gerry Brown changes focus in this article for The Governance Institute and outlines seven key areas where the outcomes of the recent government Green Paper can be practically enhanced, providing the key to eliminating the chances of corporate wrong-doing.

Gerry's business beasts reach a new audience

July 2017

Gerry's article was recently picked up by the Good Animals website in July. With an established business audience it was a welcome surprise for Gerry to see Good Animals add Gerry's piece to their vast news collection and introduce both his ideas and acclaimed book to a new audience.

Bear, rhino, hedgehog or monkey - which business beast are you?

July 2017

The Independent Director continues to inspire with The Eastern Daily Press borrowing Gerry's analogy of animals representing the type of characters we might come across in the boardroom and executive suite.


Explaining the big beasts in business, click the read more button below to skim through the list from frogs to hippos, and you'll recognise some familiar traits.

Rave reviews in the Credit Control and Asset & Risk Management

April 2017

Credit Control Journal and Asset & Risk Review is one of the world's leading research journals dedicated to the advancement of asset risk management, credit analysis and corporate risk.

Gerry appears in April's edition, gaining another favourable review of his publication The Independent Director: The Non-Executive Director's Guide to Effective Board Presence.

Their assessment was summarised in the quote "hugely timely...fascinating... a must read for the corporate world".

Yahoo Finance picks up Gerry's CNBC interview

August 2016

Yahoo Finance have endorsed Gerry's interview with CNBC from April 2015, reaffirming the importance of effective board leadership and corporate governance covered in Gerry's publication. With Prime Minister Theresa May challenging how big business is governed and rebuilding public trust, Gerry's book, The Independent Director: The Non-Executive Director's Guide to Effective Board Presence couldn't be more relevant.

An exclusive peak at The Independent Director

April 2017

theHRDIRECTOR is the only HR publication dedicated to informing HR Directors and Senior HR Managers, and is an independent and feature led publication.


A popular contributor to theHRDIRECTOR, Gerry shares an exclusive extract from his critically acclaimed book The Independent Director: The Non-Executive Director's Guide to Effective Board Presence.

This portion from the book looks at how to organise and evaluate a board, giving guidance on warning signs for a failing board.

The Big Idea on being an Independent Director

May 2017

FS Focus is the official magazine of the ICAEW (Institute of Chartered Accountants in England and Wales) available to members, stakeholders and key associates of the Financial Services Faculty. 

In the May issue Chris Evans talks to Gerry and explores the pros and cons of being a NED; citing key personal skills, cultural flexibility, integrity as well as professional training and development as essential in creating an effective presence to make a real impact in the organisation.

Improving the framework of UK CG

February 2017

Governance.co.uk is the leading source of information about corporate governance worldwide.

Gerry features in the February issue examining the recent government Green Paper on ways to improve the framework for Corporate Governance in the UK.

Perceiving the issues raised as broader than the Green Paper suggests, Gerry outlines an approach to fill in the blanks of the report with improving boardroom behaviour, increasing diversity for board members, increasing board effectiveness, spread best practice, suggesting training and education, and focusing on the custodian side of the role. His piece ends with him predicting the consequences of failing to act.

Gerry's 10 tips for hiring an independent director

April 2016

Writing in the Executive Grapevine, Gerry lists some practical tips on how to successfully hire a non-executive director and avoid the pitfalls of a bad hire.

Diversity leads to fewer scandals and more effective boards

January 2017

In this interview for European Women on Boards (EWoB), Gerry charts his mission to bring about diversity in the boardroom, laying out the benefits and challenges of the cause. Although gaining credibility, it's still a work in progress with much resistance to change, explains Gerry. 

Read the full article on the EWoB website.

Avoiding company scandals

January 2017

Gerry returns to The HR Director with some sound advice on what to look out for at companies and on boards before things take a wrong turn.

Laid out over 8 pathologies, any hint of these signs risks derailing a successful business and should be avoided.

Post-Brexit UK will be the "global leader in free trade"

September 2016

Gerry looks at the challenge ahead for Theresa May's government with Brexit negotiations and calls on Theresa May to harness the proven track record of independent directors and fully use their resource to guide Britain into a prosperous free trade future.

Here's how Theresa May can get tough with big business

July 2016

Featured in the Yorkshire Post, Gerry shares his thoughts on the recent Parliamentary report for Sports Direct and offers some practical ideas to Prime Minister Theresa May.

David Marx reviews The Independent Director

August 2016

David Marx, blogger, songwriter, musician and book reviewer confidently appraises The Independent Director: The Non-Executive Director's Guide to Effective Board Presence. Drawing attention to the book's readability and value, Marx reiterates the relevance of corporate governance in current times.

Best the News on the benefits of an independent director

April 2016

In listing the top five reasons why an organisation might need an independent director, Best the News emphasizes the balance they can bring to an executive team. Aptly mentioning Gerry and his book, Best the News attempts to define the case for organisations seeking an independent board member.

Theresa May should take these actions to get Britain back to better business

June 2016

The HR Director is a well respected online resource for HR Directors and Senior HR Practitioners. In this editon Gerry responds to the recent EU Referendum result, and suggests the consequences of ineffective company boards on the economy, society and politics. Advocating the power of the independent director, Gerry recommends some actions for Prime Minister Theresa May to boost Britain back to better business.

Finding a truly independent director

June 2016

In response to recent corporate scandals, Gerry looks at the public preception of the senior management role and offers advice on recruiting the best executive to benefit your organisation.

What we can learn from Sports Direct

July 2016

The need for an independent director has never been more obvious than in the recent investigation into the working practices of the popular retailer Sports Direct. 

In July's Growth Business, Gerry responds to the findings and names several immediate strategic and supervisory benefits of an independent director for companies similar to Sports Direct.

Gerry comments in i-MAGAZINE on the safeguarding and management responsibilities for the Independent Director

July 2016

i-MAGAZINE is the premium publication covering politics, business, lifestyle and culture. Here, on page 57, Gerry explains the damage caused by the limited governance of some high profile companies, and stresses the importance of the independent director as a custodian of the organisation. Kofi Annan, President George W. Bush, Amal Clooney and Evgeny Lebedev all feature alongside Gerry in i-MAGAZINE's July - December 2016 issue.

Targeting risk and ethics in the role of independent director

July 2015

Decision Magazine is a thought leadership business publication aimed at senior corporate readers in Ireland. Frank Dillon reviewed Gerry's book in Book of the Week for July 2015, focusing on the risk and ethics side of independent directorship as well as touching on whistleblowing and its increased prevalence in organisations. 

A copy of this review by Frank Dillon also appeared in The Irish Times on 13th July, 2015.

EY's Independent Intelligence publication

September 2015

Gerry delves into the duties of an Independent Director, writing for EY's Independent Intelligence quarterly publication.


Echoing his book, Gerry lays out the different areas of responsibility and lists some examples of the common issues board face in today's business world.



To The Point with The HR Director

November 2015

Writing for The HR Director magazine, Gerry shares his tips and best practice for executive boards and independent directors and how scandals like the recent one at Volkswagen can be avoided.

Gerry talks diversity with workingmums

December 2015

workingmums is the premier job and community site for working parents and primary carers of young children.


In his latest piece, Gerry tackles the topic of gender diversity in the the boardroom and offers some solutions to getting more women into Independent Director positions.

Book review by the Credit Control Journal

December 2015

Credit Control Journal and Asset & Risk Review is one of the world's leading research journals dedicated to the advancement of asset risk management, credit analysis and corporate risk.


A truly interdisciplinary and international monthly publication in its approach. It provides subscribers with practical illustrations as well as theoretical analysis and empirical studies on the development of credit risk, asset management, legal issues, accountancy and finance, and IT solutions, all of which they can quote with confidence to their Board of Directors.


Gerry covers these subjects and more in his book and the CCJ gives a comprehensive and commendatory review in the December issue. 



Director Magazine

September 2015

Director is the magazine for business leaders; each edition is full of insightful interviews with entrepreneurs and company directors.


Gerry featured in September's edition, as part of the contributors' page.

Gerry writes for economia magazine

April 2015

Aimed at members of the ICAEW, economia magazine covers the essential issues, news and analysis relevant to those in business, finance and accountancy.


Gerry was invited to outline the importance of the behaviour of company leaders in director and governance roles.


July - December 2016

i-MAGAZINE  is a premium publication focusing on business, politics, lifestyle and culture; enjoyed by an international readership. The goal of i-MAGAZINE is to promote business, politics, lifestyle and a healthy lifestyle to those who are aware of it and those who seek upward social mobility and reaching for the best. Gerry was invited write for the business section, alongside contributions from the likes of Sir Richard Branson, Donald Trump, Evgeny Lebedev, Sir Paul Smith and Lord Browne of Madingly. The article is available to read online, and will be in the July - December 2016 printed edition.